Jennifer is passionate about helping others navigate their professional and personal lives with an emphasis on finding balance.  With her down-to-earth, kind and caring approach, Jennifer is adept at holding space for her clients as they move along on their desired paths to their goals. Jennifer’s integral approach brings head (clarity and focus), heart (joy and compassion) and body (calm and centeredness) together in an approach that is sustainable and provides a pathway for personal growth and development. In so doing, engaged clients can expect long-term excellence, with an ability to identify self-correcting and self-generating behaviors.

Jennifer has also been successful in bridging the gap of understanding in her work in conflict. Certainly integral to success, Jennifer’s approach to conflict resolution honors openness, honesty and health. She likes to remind her clients, “Although the direction of our paths may not always be clear and we may lose our focus, there is comfort in knowing you can always find your way”.

It is important in her work to “meet people where they are” in their development as individuals and professionals, it is only then that the work can effectively begin.

In addition to her one on one coaching expertise, Jennifer is a Conflict Mediator which allows for work in couples and group setting as a means to resolve conflict and/or get to agreement.  Jennifer is trained in assessments derived out of Jungian psychology which allows for a deeper behavioral understanding. Jennifer is an Integral Coach certified through New Ventures West in San Francisco.

Besides the time spent paying "tuition" in the real world, Jennifer earned her BSBA in Management and is a certified Human Resources Professional having spent months formally deepening her expertise in Organizational Development (OD).  Her education and background in working with People, Culture and Talent coupled with her ability to coach the "whole person" allow her to be a supportive and knowledgeable coach for individuals in career exploration and career transition.

Lastly, Jennifer has unique insight for individuals who are dating or couples who either want to deepen their knowledge of each other and strengthen their relationship through couples coaching.  Having navigated a "kind divorce" while making her children a priority give her a perspective that can be empowering and encouraging for struggling couples.

Raised in the Midwest, with Denver, Colorado as her current home base, Jennifer enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and the love of her life.  She enjoys travel with some of her favorite destinations being Sedona, Moab and Vieques, PR.  She has deep gratitude for the opportunity to share her gift of coaching with the world.

A great coach tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
— Sagi Kaled