“Hard to imagine how the year would have ended up without the insight, knowledge and breakthroughs that came into my life as a result of our conversations.  We both worked hard.  She in preparation for and during our meetings; and I on the homework and challenges she set for me.  Jen’s a marvelous person; you’ll benefit from her sincerity, candor and ardor.”  -AW

“Working with Jennifer has help me refocus my career and life goals. She helped me figure out where I want to be and how to get there. I really like that she doesn’t give you the answer but makes you realize it on your own. Good book recommendations as well! Very personalized coaching, she listens to you, motivates you and makes you work on the change. Life changing for me!” -TS


“Once I had finished my Master’s degree and was figuring out what was next in life, I started working with Jennifer. She was honest and helped me picked out areas of my life for continued improvement.  Jennifer provided real life tools and ongoing support and I highly recommend her to take you to the next level.  Jennifer helps you discover yourself in ways you never had before.” -LC


“Jennifer listened to me well, helped me set concrete steps and encouraged me to move towards my goal.  I would highly recommend Jennifer as a coach.” -JR


“Jennifer has skillfully helped me see every angle of the issue I am addressing with peers or those whom I lead. Jennifer brings clarity where I may have “blown them out of proportion” or allowed situations to be bigger than they really are.  She has a calm disposition empathizing with you while guiding you to a different mindset by calmly shedding light or bringing insight to the situation.  I appreciate her ability to break down the problem and then helping to apply an appropriate response.  She is gifted in the area of coaching and I would happily recommend her to anyone in need of receiving such a gift.”  -LS